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One-stop technology solution service

Provide complete technical solutions & customized technical support

Our services

Trading system solution—CEX

Trading system solution—DEX

Ecological public chain Scheme & implementation

L2 Application Chain Solutions & Implementation

Evm compatible Dapp development & support

Complete blockchain solution offering & implementation guidance


ApeX Protocol

ApeX Pro is a leading non-custodaial derivatives DEX that operates on an orderbook model, powered by Layer 2 ZK Rollup engine.

BlueHelix Chain

Based on decentralization and community consensus, Bluehelix Chain integrates cryptography and blockchain technology to effectively solve the security and trust challenges of crypto assets.


Bluehelix is a leading global technology and financial services company dedicated to providing world-class crypto trading services.

About ZeroChain

One-stop solution provider to provide professional blockchain technical support, the team has a wealth of cutting-edge technology practical experience, good at Cex/Dex/ public chain /Dapp and other related fields.


With many years of experience in the Internet and blockchain industry, he has been the leader of several large-scale projects in the Internet, DeFi and public chain, and is good at providing technical solutions for various blockchain projects and implementing them. His experience was as follows,
  • The technical director of ISCO-bcos(the earliest alliance chain in China).
  • Technical VP of Bluehelix, the world's leading exchange and SaaS service provider.
  • Co-founder of Apex.Exchange, responsible for the overall technology and product construction.
We are a distributed team
Team members have top Internet, Crypto industry development experience, with a technical capabilities for DeFi, exchange, public chain and wallet products.

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